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    • Rank Structure  The rank structure follows the exact same format as the USC which allows for ease of  interchangeability and transfers. The Master Warrant Officer and Chief Warrant Officer positions are fulfilled by USC officers as the 405th is under USC Marine Command. In addition they are only bureaucratic positions and does not affect gameplay.   Organization: Currently the unit organization will be identical to the proposed MARCOM organization for SC as to ease the transition and training. The 105th will serve as the marine branch for the USC side of Team Okami, while the 405th will be primarily in SQUAD.   Positions will be added and changed as needed   Fireteam Layout: Fireteam leader / Rifleman Automatic Rifleman Rifleman / LAT / Grenadier Medic   Squad Layout: 2 x Fireteams Squad Leader Fireteam leader / Rifleman Automatic Rifleman LAT Medic   Fireteam leader / Rifleman Automatic Rifleman Grenadier / LAT Medic   Armored Vehicles: Driver - Crewman Gunner/Commander - Crewman  
    • Welcome to the 405th Marine Division for SQUAD   The 405th Marine Division is an independent sub branch of Team Okami (Formerly the USC), the primary focus will be to serve as a unit for players for SQUAD. Team Okami originally known as the United Space Confederation (USC) was a community oriented around the game Star Citizen but has since expanded to other games as well thus the name change to Team Okami. Much of the community structure and organization of Team Okami remain the same of the old USC and the USC still actively forms the core of the Okami Community. As an independent branch from Team Okami all 405th’s organization and activities will be organized separately. However, players from both 405th and Okami are free to participate in other community events and move within the community.  405th training will be regulated by TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) and share the same promotion and course system as the USC, this allows certifications to be transferable should a member chose to join the 405th in squad or the 105th USC Marine Corps in USC as their primary game. 405th SQUAD servers may also be used by members of Okami and occasionally for USC training purposes. The USC offers positions within for 405th members seeking a much longer game experiance
    • The 405Th Marine Division is a sub-branch of the Team Okami community thus members will adhere to Team Okami's community guidelines. In Addition, members will also have to uphold the rules & regulations of the 405th Division as listed below. Team Okami Community Guidelines 405th Marine Division Guidelines: 1. Minimum age is 17 2. You must have a microphone 3. Discord is optional as we will mainly be using the in-game voice system 4. Must have SQUAD to join 5. Must be willing to play in a Military and Tactical Realism Unit 6. Must be willing to take orders and follow the chain of command 7. Must be active on the forum 8. Must not be a member of another SQUAD Clan/Unit. 
    • Please read through our community guidelines, all infractions will be subject to disciplinary actions. Team Okami Community Guidelines
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